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Flower and Blossom

Kalamalka Caring Klowns - Executive: 2017-18

Val Lynch (Big Chair) - President
Pat Harley (UpSideDown Chair) - Past President
Sue Beaudry- (Wee Chair) - Vice-President
Joan Zimmer(Scribbles) Secretary
Doris Bensmiller - (Money Bags) Treasurer
Janice Bushey (Archivist)-  Historian
Donna O'Hearn (Seniors) - Nursing Home Coordinator
Janice Bushey - Archivist
All of Kalamalka Caring Clowns (Party Clowns) Special Events Coordinators


Doris Bensmiller
Beverly Barling
Val Lynch
Donna O'Hearn 


Where it all started...

The Kalamalka Caring Klowns were formed by Carole Fawcett (a.k.a. “Flower”) in May of 1999. After many years of what felt like non-stop loss in her life. Carole awoke one morning, at 3:00 a.m. thinking how wonderful it would be to have clowns visit in the hospital. As she had spent a lot of time in hospitals herself, she knew that clowns would be a wonderful way to help to lighten the load of patients and staff alike. So, she approached a local clown, “Buttons” (Dixie Mackie) and asked her if she would like to be involved with starting a clown troupe that visited in hospitals and nursing homes.

With Dixie’s experience as a clown and Carole’s background in Crisis Management, the Kalamalka Caring Klown troupe was born in May 1999, graduating 8 therapy clowns. Dixie stepped aside a few months after the clowns were formed due to her own health challenges. David Robertson (a.k.a “Dapper Dan”) stepped in and worked with Carole to train clowns for a few of the workshops. 

Then, one year after she joined in 1999, Doris Bensmiller (a.k.a. “Bubbles”) teamed up with Carole and since that time they have trained hundreds of people in the art of therapeutic clowning. They trained Saskatoon’s first and second therapeutic clown troupes (Saskatoon’s Clowns With Hearts) and in May 2005 they will drive to Saskatchewan once again and help Regina to start their first therapeutic clown troupe. (Queen City Caring Clowns). 

This wonderfully whacky group of clowns have won the Winter Carnival Parade Trophy eight times. They also won the very special “Crystal Cam Award” for most enthusiastic carnival spirit in 2005. As well, they won a trophy for the first Apple Fest Parade in the Fall of 2004. In 2018 the clowns participated in the "Winter Wonderland" themed event on Saturday, February 3rd and once again walked away with another award.


"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy."




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