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Kalamalka Caring Klown Workshop: (Vernon, BC)

Dates: May 5 & 6, 2018

Location: Vernon Jubilee Hospital Education Room 1, 2 & 3


Pre-registration is required. Be prepared to learn, laugh and leave feeling “UP” when you attend the Kalamalka Caring Klown therapeutic clown workshop. Known for their quality workshops, the Kal clowns have trained in Saskatoon, Regina, Saskatchewan, Kelowna and Vernon, BC. The workshop covers both serious and fun aspects of therapeutic clowning.

This clown training is a basic therapeutic training package. Balloon Art, Juggling, Magic are taught at clown meetings, or special mini workshops.

A typical workshop will provide:

All participants will receive an in-depth training manual, plus a few other “goodies” with each day’s classes. What is typically covered (and more) in a workshop is:

  • History of Clowning
  • Definition of Therapeutic Clowning
  • Psychology and Physiology of humour
  • Benefits of Humour/laughter
  • Types of Humour – good and bad
  • Listening Skills
  • Hospital Etiquette
  • Hospital Hygiene
  • Respectful language – dealing with disability issues


  • The Clown In YOU – how to access this new person
  • Pantomime Exercises – freeing your inner child
  • Costuming – Inexpensively and impressively
  • Makeup – Less is more
  • Props & Puppets
  • Graduation with a Certificate

Included are quizzes, interactive exercises, role playing and a lot of laughing & fun




Doris Bensmiller at [email protected] or phone: 250-546-6396

Beverley Barling at [email protected] or phone: 250-558-3576

Donna O'Hearn at [email protected] or phone: 250-558-5923






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